Former NY Mets General Manager Jim Duquette’s Brave Girl Battles Rare Kidney Disease

24 Oct


人生不就是秉持信念和執行信念的一連串篇章嗎?就像小女孩最後講的:Try your hardest to be brave。

文中小女孩不是別人,是Jim Duquette的女兒(看過MLB官網影片的人,應該對Jim Duquette這名字不陌生…)。

也因為他女兒的罕見疾病,他也是NephCure Foundation的一員。(NephCure Foundation:  an organization committed to supporting research to find a cure for Nephrotic Syndrome and FSGS, the second-leading cause of kidney failure in children)



  • Lindsey Duquette’s kidneys were in a sieve-like state, damage to tiny filters called glomeruli allowing protein to spill into her urine, leaving her blood-protein alarmingly low, causing swelling and putting Lindsey at risk of going into shock.
  • The next 76 days her body was under siege. Breathing difficulties put her on a respirator for a time. She had blood clots, high blood pressure, dangerously high cholesterol levels.
  • Endlessly debilitating whirl of protein infusions and steroid blasts and chemotherapy – the treatments throttled back only when her blood-protein levels were normalized.
  • Chemotherapy kept Lindsey alive, but her side affects were horrific, the steroids leading to massive water retention and weight gain (Lindsey once added 18 pounds in three days), as well as internal overheating that left her cheeks flaming crimson and her body feeling as if it was on fire.
  • The steroids also induced a calcium deficiency that weakened her bones so much that Lindsey couldn’t walk up stairs, and made her eyebrows thick and her hair brittle.
  • Last April the lab confirmed the worst: Lindsey had entered end-state renal failure. At a NephCure fund-raising dinner – an event at which Jim and Lindsey were the featured guests – an enfeebled Lindsey got sick in the back and then joined her father at the dais.
  • Lindsey has been stable and reasonably healthy since living on dialysis machines. “I feel much better,” she says.
  • Lindsey Duquette is 4-foot-1 and 60 pounds, at the bottom of the growth charts for her age. She has started taking growth hormone, which has become the latest fight for the Duquettes, because their insurer, United Healthcare, is declining to cover it, saying that it is not medically necessary. Lindsey is supposed to get a transplanted kidney next spring at Hopkins, though United wants her to go to an in-network facility, and keeps sending form letters to Lindsey informing her of this.


看了鼻子都痠了 😦


  • Jim Duquette還在當Mets教頭時聽到一個大都會資深選手抱怨抽血檢查 (大聯盟這麼大隻的選手也怕針!!! XD),他就在想:拜託~我兩歲在醫院插滿管子的女兒都還在為生命奮戰,你在這邊跟我抱怨針搓一下?! XDD
  • Mitchell報告揭發棒球選手施打類固醇那個時候,Lindsey也聽到那個新聞,就問她爸:那些人打的類固醇跟我的是一樣的嗎?-.-‘


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