Taiwan Suffers Four Consecutive Losses in Exhibition Games

5 Nov

標題哇哇哇~ =.= 不過 終於有時間看直播了~ 😀 倪福德不錯~ 控球有準到~ 打者揮空率不低~ 聽主播說他3A先發表現好哩! 這樣四大先發都右投的老虎,應該有機會讓倪福德擔任先發~ XD 反正Phil Coke繼續待牛棚咩~ 嘻嘻~



Taiwan’s national baseball team lost its fourth straight game in a five-game exhibition series against a team of U.S. major leaguers in Kaohsiung Saturday.


Despite the 3-2 loss, the national team’s lineup moved one step closer to its first win with its starting pitcher Fu-Te Ni doing a good job. Ni of the Detroit Tigers pitched 3 1/3 innings, allowing two hits and one earned run. He threw 41 pitches, including 28 strikes.


Bruce Bochy, skipper for the MLB team, described it as “best game so far in the series,” saying Taiwan’s team seemed to adjust well from suffering a 7-0 loss in the first game to “a tight ballgame” in the fourth.


“I was impressed how they didn’t roll over, and they continued to battle” Bochy said, acknowledging that a lot of credit went to the “relentless” fans.


The game heated up in the first half of the second inning when the Taiwanese team slugged three singles by Lin Wang-wei of the Minnesota Twins, amateur Hsiao Po-ting and Lin Che-hsuan of the Boston Red Sox with a run.


The heat continued into the third inning. Emilio Bonifacio of the Florida Marlins singled before Ni threw a wild pitch and sent him to second base. Bonifacio then had a run thanks to a triple by Erick Aybar of the Los Angeles Angels.


The major leaguers extended the lead to 3-1 in the bottom of the sixth. After Ryan Roberts of the Arizona Diamondbacks walked and Robinson Cano of the New York Yankees doubled, Michael Morse of the Washington Nationals added a single to score two more runs.


With enthusiastic fans cheering out loud, amateurs on Taiwan’s national team gained confidence and highlighted the game in the seventh. Lan Yin-lun first slugged a triple, and then scored on pinch hitter Lin Chia-yu’s ground out, making the national team one point behind.


However, Taiwan’s team was not able to score more runs in the following innings, concluding the game with a 3-2 loss.


Meanwhile, locals are hoping for the first win Sunday afternoon with local hero Chien-Ming Wang starting for his home country. The MLB stars are scheduled to leave Taiwan later in the evening.

((看打擊有沒有串連吧~ 今天得點圈有人表現有進步))


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