World’s 50 Most Delicious Drinks

6 Dec

The pick simply proves my perennial saying: 7-11 & drink shops are Taiwan’s best symbols! 😛


Lip-smacking thirst quenchers from around the globe. Which is your favorite?


25. Bubble tea, Taiwan

More bubble than tea, this is a tea-slash-milk-slash-fruit drink and its most  famous variety includes chewy “pearls,” resembling oversized frogspawn, at the  bottom that you suck up with an oversized straw.

It sounds weird, but it has become a favorite drink snack among Asia’s  millions of young shoppers.


Besides “pearl” milk tea, made of tapioca, I like 5 of the others on the list:

50. Mango lassi, India

39. Scotch whisky, Scotland

36. Martini, United States

34. Champagne, France

32. Baileys Original Irish Cream, Ireland



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