The Word of The Year by Cross-Strait Netizens

9 Dec

Earlier, we talked about Word of the Year announced by Oxford University, which is considered “deliberately vague”, and now we are going to look at the word of the year by cross-strait netizens,  (wei2, micro):


The word that best resonates with Internet users in Taiwan and China this year is “micro,” a cross-Taiwan Strait online poll found Thursday.

Now in its second year, the annual Cross-Strait Word of the Year competition drew more than 4.37 million votes, nearly eight times the number of votes in 2010.

Taipei-based Want Daily, one of the event organizers, attributed the overwhelming participation to increasing cultural exchanges between Taiwanese and Chinese people, as well as their growing attention to the international community.

“Micro,” which grabbed around one tenth of the votes, beat nine other words including “trust,” “rise,” and “love.”
Most of the words had positive connotations, said event co-organizer Xiamen Economic Daily in China. The winning word, however, is slightly more complicated because it suggests not only something small but also the origin of things, according to the daily.

“One tiny clue could reveal a general trend,” explained Chen Tian-zhu, vice president of the newspaper. “One small Chinese character can tell a lot too.”

Chen said, for instance, that the recent boom of microblogging across the Taiwan Strait shows people’s growing interest in inter-personal communication and their desire to learn more about the world.

For example, he continued, through their computers, Taiwanese and Chinese people have become more aware of international affairs like Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution and the European Union debt crisis. This is a sign of progressiveness in a society, he stated.

Li Chi-mao, chairman of Taipei-based China Confucius Society, suggested the public could learn from the word by focusing on its meaning.

Along with 11 other well-known calligraphers from Taiwan and China who were invited to paint the word at an event in Taipei, Li said every little effort counts for people to reach their goals.

“Just start with small things in your life,” he said. “Constant dripping wears away a stone.”


How about 微軟 (wei2 ruan3, Microsoft)? 😛



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