The 10 Best Guy Days of the Year

21 Dec

Initially considering it a yawn until seeing these two amusing picks~ XD


#7. The Day Your Lawn Stops Growing: We men take great pride in our lawns. A well-maintained field of verdant grass is our Apollonian goal, a statement about not just our skill as gardeners and landscapers but a measure of our ability to exert control in an uncertain world. Our neighbors appreciate us, our friends respect us, and our wives love us all the more. That’s all well and good, but let’s be honest: The whole thing is a certifiable pain in the ass. In late spring, when we dream of lounging with the newspaper and a baseball game, we’re instead dragging the mower out for yet another Sunday clipping. But then, mercifully, we hit a day somewhere in mid-late summer when nature shuts itself down. The grass takes on a slight brown hue, and though a few die-hards attempt to keep it lush year-round, the societal pressure is off. The mower can again be retired until next spring without complaint from the wife, and our Sundays are once again our own.


#8. Your Anniversary: Yeah, I know what you’re going to say. You’ll say, “Are you nuts? I have to get a present, make restaurant reservations, find a sitter, and of course, remember the date in the first place. What’s fun about that?” But it doesn’t have to be that way. First off, you should memorize and remember the date. Period. It’s just something you do when you’re a mature man of the world. Second, if you play it right, it’s actually a very easy win for you. You go out with your wife, who will be dressed to kill, and spend the evening canoodling over candlelight while reminiscing about the day you met. Good food is usually involved. And then—with any luck—you have sex. Keep it simple, enjoy your partner, and avoid having a bad day by not prioritizing it enough, in which case there will be no sex involved.


I like reminiscing about the day I met my significant other. I even like doing it as a “quiz”. 😛 Remembering why you first fell in love with someone reminds ourselves of what keeps the relationship going & our feet on the ground.


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