The Presidential Election!

14 Jan

Too bad the one I voted for didn’t win. = = Anyway, this link contributed by The Associated Press and Reuters on MSNBC has a fairly decent & neutral tone covering the news. Here are the excerpts:


Taiwanese voted Saturday in a closely fought presidential election that pits incumbent Ma Ying-jeou’s vision of better relations with China against his main challenger’s attempts to galvanize resentment over growing income inequality.


Eighteen million Taiwanese are eligible to vote. Opinion surveys published a week ago — the last permitted under Taiwanese law — showed Ma clinging to a slim 3-4 percentage point lead that was within the statistical margin of error, despite Tsai never having won an election for public office in Taiwan.


Tsai, 55, who has a doctorate from the London School of Economics, shows no signs of undoing the economic aspects of Ma’s China policies, though she charges that they have helped spawn economic inequality in Taiwan.


Ma has been buoyed by the arrival of an estimated 300,000 China-based Taiwanese businesspeople, most of whom are expected to vote for the president. Many Taiwanese businesses on the mainland are big Ma backers and have encouraged their workers to support him.”


See the last paragraph? That’s the key point of why Tsai failed to challenge Ma! = = Taiwanese business people in China were flying home by discounted charter flights!! With a tight race shown in the opinion surveys published a week before the election that showed Ma clung to a slim 3-4 percentage point lead that was within the statistical margin of error, those Taiwanese business people in China “encouraged” to return home to vote are to me “despicable”!!!


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