China, Russia Vetoing U.N. Resolution on Syria

12 Feb


The reason why the news caught my eyes is how on earth the Ma’s administration could possibly have such an optimistic peace-inclining policy to a country that advocates brutal dictatorship massacring civilians?! = =


Here are the excerpts:

A decision by China and Russia to block a United Nations resolution condemning Syria’s violent crushing of pro-democracy demonstrators is not justified and only promises greater catastrophe for the Arab country, according a Middle East expert.

Bill W. Wang, a former president of CNA and Middle East correspondent, said China and Russia, two veto-wielding members in the U.N. Security Council, voted Feb. 4 against the draft resolution aimed at ending the Syrian uprising, accusing council members backing the proposal of destroying the chance to solve the crisis through political negotiations, putting lopsided blame on President Bashar al-Assad’s administration, and forcing a change of government.

Assad, who inherited Syria’s harsh dictatorship from his father, Hafez al-Assad, has adopted brutal measures to crush the revolt against his rule since it began last March, including sending tanks into restive cities and ordering security forces to open fire on demonstrators.
According to Wang, Assad’s repeated failure to deliver on his promises of political reform while escalating his crackdown on the people, and his refusal to cooperate with the Arab League’s mediation efforts only show that Assad is unwilling to end the turmoil through political negotiations.
The Arab League, which suspended Syria’s membership last November, proposed a plan Jan. 22 calling for Assad to hand over power to his vice president and allow the creation of a unity government.

After the resolution was blocked, Syrian troops only intensified their bombardment of civilians, further increasing the death toll.



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