Latvia’s Referendum — What’s My Language?

21 Feb


I can’t care much less about Latvia but reading that The Economist’s article has made me wonder about Taiwan & China…

#1. Is it possible for Taiwan to hold a referendum on abolishing Chinese/Mandarin and using Taiwanese as the official language? If so, is it out of practical reasons or a purely political move?

2. Just like Lativa and Russia, is Taiwan really “independent” from China with language and economy taken into consideration?

3. Is it possible for Taiwan to form a coalition government bearing the title “All for Taiwan!–For Motherland and Diplomatically Free from China’s verbal sabring or militant threat”?

4. Will tacit peace cross the straits in recent years, in which the Taiwanese ruling party has poised to implement more pro-China policies while commoners just get on with their lives, reluctantly or not, rather than arguing about history or politics, lead Taiwan to possible unification with China?



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