2012 2nd Series Yankees v.s Orioles

11 Apr

3 games, 3 wins! Yankees swept Orioles, coming back to 0.500 from a 0-3 start this season!


Game 1 Recap:

Nova did a good job, allowing only 2 runs in 7 innings. Jeter was 4-4. However, 4-5-6 bats in the lineup, A-Rod, Teixeira & Granderson, are still not productive. = =

Note: Of all 6 games played, this is the only quality start of the rotation. Orz’ In other words, the bullpen did a tremendous job! Way to go!!


Game 2 Recap:

Garcia struggled. He had 5 wild pitches, equaling his number last year. @@ The game finished in the 12th inning, lasting for nearly 5 hours. The team’s RISP is 2 for 18. >_<‘ Glad all relievers did a good job, especially Phleps. He had a couple of strikeouts by nasty change-ups! XD~ In the bottom of 12inning, Rivera got on the mound while Yankees were leading Orioles 5:4. As usual & all these years we’ve seen, Mo got his job done and Yankees won 2 consecutive games after being swept in the season opener.


Game 3: A back-to-back tiebreaker. Like his first outing, C.C Sabathia did not have his best stuff. Still, he manged to pitch 6 innings. In the first inning, Yankees were leading Orioles 2-0 but in the bottom of the 2nd inning, Orioles scored 2 to tie the game. In the 5th inning, Orioles were leading Yankees 4:3 but in the top of 7th, Yankees scored one run to tie the game 4-4. In the top of the 10th, Swisher’s 2-run shot determined Yankees’ sweep of the O’s.


PS: The season opener at Yankees Stadium starts at 1:00 PM, Friday 13th, US ET!!



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