Jerome Williams

15 Apr

A looong informative analysis on Jerome Williams. I have little interest to paste the whole article on or translate it but the following does catch my eye:


Tonight at 8:05 pm EST, Jerome Williams of the Angels will face the Yankees in his first start of 2012. Despite playing for seven different major league organizations, he has never faced off against the Yankees. At 21 years old, Williams broke out as a major league starter for the Giants, and in his rookie year went 131.0 inning, 21 games, and posted a 3.30 ERA, a slightly less impressive 3.96 FIP, 1.260 WHIP, 3.4 BB/9, and 6.0 K/9. He was solid in 2004, giving the Giants a 4.24 ERA, and then promptly traded to the Cubs for LaTroy Hawkins in 2005. Following a 3.91 ERA and 4.91 FIP in 2005 with the Cubs, Williams struggled in 2006 and was demoted to Iowa. After that season, he was waived and spent time struggling on the Athletics, Nationals, Twins, Dodgers, and even the Long Beach Armada. In 2009, the pitcher made his tour abroad, playing winter ball in Puerto Rico, and in 2010 played for the Lions in Taiwan. After his leave from the major leagues and return to the states, Williams received a second chance with the Angels on a minor league deal in the middle of the 2011 season. After a posting a 3.91 ERA in 73.2 inning in the Angel’s Triple-A affiliate, Williams made 6 starts for the major league team, posting a 3.68 ERA, 4.62 FIP, a 3.07 BB/9, and a 5.73 K/9.


Jerome Williams原來就是待過統一隊的威廉。沒看過中華職棒近20年了(透露年齡 冏’),要是Yankeeanalyst作者不提還真不知道有這號人物待過中職 =.=a。

Jerome Willians將第一次對上洋基,他大聯盟先發六場的成績:3.68自責分率、平均每九局送出3.07個保送、5.73次三振。


作者預測:The pitcher dominated lefties last year, and his reverse split means he could have an advantage against 6 lefties in today’s lineup. On the other hand, he struggles to keep the ball in the park, and with the power hitters on the lineup and Yankee Stadium to deal with, it might not be easy to limit the longball. In the end, it’ll be up to some lefties in the lineup to hit his fastball and changeup (I guess you can count Teixeira out for this one), and for the righties to deal with the fastballs in and slider/cutter away. The Yankees will probably take advantage of Williams in his first start back, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if he pitches well.

Williams– (優):去年左殺,對洋基打線的6個左投者不利。


Yankees攻擊要點:1). 左打者攻快速球&變速球(作者說這個可以看鐵爺的~~ 好酸~ 冏) 2). 右打者攻內角快速球&外角滑球/卡特球。




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