Dexter’s New Femme Fatale?

18 Apr


Let’s face it: For all the macho, murdering business on “Dexter,” Michael C. Hall’s titular serial killer is twice as fun to watch when he’s abetted or contested by an equally dysfunctional woman. Both Season 2’s child-endangering arsonist, Lila, and Season 5’s revenge-seeking love interest, Lumen, were fan favorites who made Dexter himself more compelling. And if the newest rumors are true, those viewers will have plenty to gush with delight about.

E! is reporting via unnamed sources that a character named Hannah is making her way to Miami Metro for Seasons 7 and, possibly, 8 as well. The story only further teases that she’d be “sexy, dangerous and a force of nature” and has “quite the past, but is trying to put it behind her… until she meets Dexter.”

Generally speaking, Dexter tends to have that effect on the opposite sex. We’ll update with more details soon as any news bleeds out.

UPDATE: Showtime reps declined to comment on whether the above news is true or just gossip. We’ll just have to wait till trailer-time to find out.


Can’t waiiiit for season 7!!! If you saw season 6 finale, you know what I am talking about! Dexter is my favorite TV series, well top of my favorites. =.=a He is such  a heart-throbbing serial killer! Really can’t wait for Season 7  premiere on September 30 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime!!!



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