2012 4th Series Twins v.s Yankees

20 Apr

I was too busy to watch four of the live games but video clips on MLB.com~ The series started with You Know Who (Come on~ All long-term Yankees fans know who I am referring to!!! = = Payroll Stealer C**L P*V*N*!!!) v.s Garcia. Even though Yankees scored  3 in the first inning, that was it for the night! >_<‘ In other words, You Know Who had a quality start against Yankees!!! What a bitter lose. T_T”


Anyway, Yankees split the series with Twins. The first one came from Sabathia, which is his first this season and a quality start as well, and the highlight of the 2nd win was all on Granderson!!! He went 5-5 that night, smashing 3 HOMERS, 1 singles & 1 infield hit!!! What a great night for Granderson that lifted Yankees 7:6 beating Twins!!! XDDD!! Here is the video for the memorable night for Graddy, touted Graddy Man can, on MLB.com: http://atmlb.com/JqPjhA~ XD


Note: As you can see it was the 4th series this season, Sabathia’s quality start is Yankees’ 3rd this year…Way to go the bullpen!!!



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