2012 5th Series Yankees v.s Red Sox (I Bet It’ll be a Must-See in the End of This Year!!!)

21 Apr

A perennial rival series indeed! XD


Game 1 Recap: The series opener started with a special ceremony to commemorate Fenway Park’s 100th anniversary! Quite a few legendary players went for this memorial event. You can watch all video clips on MLB.com (http://atmlb.com/J6QsMI). Shortly after the spotlight commemorative moment, all the focus shifted to Yankees, who had 5 solo homeruns in a night! XD! FIVE Freakin Solo HOMERUNS In A Game!!! Each was blasted by Swisher in the 2nd inning against Buchholz, Chavez, in the 2nd & 4th inning off again Buchholz, A-Rod in the 5th inning off Buchholz and Russel Martin in the 6th inning off once more Buchholz. =.=a What a night for these two long-history teams~ While Sox were immersed into the reminiscence, Yankees crushed them with 5 solo shots! XD


Game 2: What more can I say? There was too much to summarize in this game after Red Sox’s Doubront’s quality start going 6 solid innings with only one run earned off Teixeira’s solo homerun. The show began when Red Sox’s shaky bullpen was trying to take care of the business to finish up the last 3 innings! 😀

● We used to know that no lead was safe in Fenway, but today’s game was extreme to say the least. As concluded on MLB.com, no lead is large enough against Yankees and hopefully it will stay true in the rest of the season!!! 😀 Like Teixeira said, “Some games, you get blown out. You play 162 games a year, you’re going to get blown out a few times. But, we still said, ‘Hey, let’s stay in it. We have a few innings left. You never know.’ And I give our bullpen a lot of credit because they kept us in the game. The last few innings they were lock down, and that was big. … If you come back from nine runs against anybody it’s a cool thing. But to do it here in Boston, it makes it a little more fun.”

Sparked by six RBIs apiece from Nick Swisher and Mark Teixeira, the Yankees scored all 15 runs between the sixth and eighth innings. Swisher had a grand slam in the seventh, giving the Yankees life, and then hit a go-ahead double in the eighth, giving Yankees a lead. As he stood on second base after the double, Swisher pounded his chest. In consecutive at-bats, Teixeira hit two homers — one from each side of the plate — and a two-run, ground-rule double. FYI, Tex hit HRs from both sides of the plate for the 13th time in his career, extending his MLB record and Nick Swisher’s 20 RBIs lead not only the Yanks, but the entire AL. He didn’t reach 20 RBIs last year until May 29th.

● In coming back from 9-0, the Yankees matched the franchise record for the largest deficit overcome in a win. They’d done it five times before tonight, the first time since 5/16/06 against the Texas Rangers that the Yankees have come back to win a game from a deficit that big. They also scored seven runs in back-to-back innings for just the second time in franchise history. The first also came at Fenway.

Curtis Granderson on Thursday, Eric Chavez yesterday and Mark Teixeira tonight, the Yankees have had a player hit multiple home runs in three straight games for the first time since 1961. The Yankees are the first big league team to do it since the Reds in 2010. Also, the Yankees have 19 HRs in their last 7 games.

Last time two Yankees had six RBIs in the same game was 2005 when Alex Rodriguez and Tino Martinez did it against the Rays. Last time two Yankees had six RBIs in a game on the road was 1999 when Scott Brosius and — surprise! — Joe Girardi did it. Girardi had seven in that game.

The Red Sox bullpen allowed 14 runs (13 earned) through the final three innings. It was the most runs allowed by the Red Sox relievers since 2000 when the bullpen gave up 17 runs in a 22-1 loss to the Yankees. It was the most earned runs allowed by the Red Sox bullpen since 1994.


For more details and references, please visit http://yankees.lhblogs.com/ and http://www.yankeeanalysts.com/. For this must-see comeback video, it is now available on MLB.com: http://atmlb.com/Jo8Fpp


Game 3: Rained out. A rematch time to be decided. Even though Yankees lost the chance to sweep Rex Sox, the next series is going to be extremely tough! Two most offence powerful clubs are going to face up for the first time this season!!! Stay tuned! 😀




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