This Should NOT Have Been The Way Yankees Welcomed Andy Pettitte!!!

14 May

6:2, the scoreboard has been the same in this 3-game series against Mariners; just the winning team was not Yankees in the finale on Mother’s Day…Bases loaded twice, 2 runs scored, NOT out of hits but walks. = = The starter pitcher was NOT King-Felix but Keven Millerwood whose ERA was above 5 before entering the game yesterday afternoon!!! >_<‘


Here is how yankeeanalysts commented on the game:

Not only was this an opportunity to pound Millwood and sweep Seattle, but it was also the first time Andy Pettitte has pitched in a game in more than a year. Much will be made of Pettitte’s 6.1 innings of work. He was very efficient, but the swing-happy M’s made his job easier. While Andy demonstrated that he has enough left in the tank to help the big league club, his performance was nothing to celebrate. He allowed seven hits, including two homers, and walked three. Pettitte did show some signs of promise, but he also labored to find the zone and his pitches looked a little too flat. A four earned run performance against the lowly Mariner’s easily would have been seven runs against a higher octane offense like, say, the Rangers.   There wasn’t much to be happy about in this one. The Yankees let a very winnable game walk away looking more tired than anything else. With the score still just 4-1 the Yankees did load the bases once more in the 8th, but the team came away with just another bases loaded walk to show for it, and nothing else.


This is simply NOT how you welcome a great veteran like Andy Pettitte coming out of a one-year retirement!!! T_T’



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