An A-Rod Season

3 Jun


I actually like what this article on Yankeeanalysts suggested.


Well, it’s certainly not in the air. While Rodriguez is stinging the ball (21.6 LD%, career 17.6) and it’s leading to a fair amount of hits (.276 batting average), he’s not getting any sort of power behind his fly balls. His HR/FB% is 15.2 right now, which is actually up from a career low of 14.5% last year. However, it still lags behind his career mark of 22.4%. When A-Rod is hitting the ball in the air, it doesn’t have the same authority behind it that we’re used to. Like I’m doing here, both E.J. and Mike E. have looked at the results and/or process of Rodriguez’s year; let’s see if we can get to the heart of the matter and see what’s causing this lack of power.

Hopping over to his page on Texas Leaguers, there are a few things I took note of; one of them was a process and the other was a result. On the “swing pitch type” chart, it appears as if A-Rod is swinging at a lot of inside fastballs and a lot of low changeups. Those are pitches that are going to end up as grounders, especially grounders to the left side. If we look just one chart up to his spray chart, we can see that a lot of his outs are concentrated on the left side of the infield, and I think it’s safe to assume that the majority of those batted balls are groundouts. That’s a small hint at a baseball cause, but perhaps there is a physical cause. While Rodriguez has been getting plenty of rest this year, he is getting older and perhaps his hip (rotation), knee (plant), and thumb (grip) injuries are still bothering him. An injury to one of those three locations could affect power output; lingering ones in all three body parts are almost guaranteed to do so, especially when the player is at an advanced age.

If the power doesn’t come back, though, the team will need to adjust how they build the lineup around Rodriguez. One popular idea, espoused by Joe over at RAB on last week’s podcast, and friend of the blog Ross, is to swap A-Rod and Curtis Granderson in the lineup. As he is right now, Rodriguez is a near perfect two hitter and as he is, Granderson is a perfect cleanup hitter. Rodriguez is still working his way on base via hits and walks, but just isn’t delivering the power like he used to. Granderson is as powerful as they come, but his power is being wasted in the two spot: All but three of his home runs this season have been solo homers. Having Rodriguez, and possibly Robinson Cano, on in front of Granderson will increase his output and the team’s simultaneously. Considering how the lineup is going right now, it’s worth trying.


槍化的A-Rod (當然希望砲瓦能回來!!!!),目前比較適合二棒,中心第四棒由砲火強大的Granderson來擔任更適合~ 反正得點圈有人(RISP)打擊率這麼低,試試打線棒次互換又不損失~ 😛 還有,沒全壘打就輸球,不是嗎? Orz’


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