Pettitte out Six Weeks with Fractured Ankle + C.C’s 15-Day DL

28 Jun

A source told ESPN’s Buster Olney that Andy Pettitte (ankle) will likely be out two months!!! The Yankees said originally said six weeks, but that was probably a bit too optimistic. Pettitte suffered a fractured left ankle on Wednesday afternoon when he was struck by a Casey Kotchman comebacker. Freddy Garcia is taking the veteran left-hander’s vacant rotation spot.
The video of Pettitte’s injury on
While Yankees are leading 5 games (the most lead so far this season?)  in the toughest division AL, this atrocious news crushed all Yankeesphere! 😦 I doubt if Andy Pettitte will come back in 8 weeks. You know ankle fracture is never fun…>_<‘ Anyway, coincidentally (unfortunately), C.C. will be on the DL for 15 days. There is no big deal with his injury of a left groin strain (a Grade 1 strain of his left adductor muscle). He will be back after the all-star game break. 🙂

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