Scammers Striking at the Gas Pump

3 Jul


Be very aware of this kind of credit card/debit card information stealing!

Thieves are ‘skimming’ credit card and debit card numbers using devices planted in card readers at the pumps. The fraud is high-tech and hard to detect.

Gas stations are proving to be a weak link in efforts to combat debit and credit card fraud. Outdated technology and poor security allow criminals to install skimmers that capture account numbers and PINs. If you swipe your card at a compromised pump, the captured information can be used to create a clone of your card that can be sold to other criminals or taken on fraudulent shopping sprees.

Security experts said the size of the fraud wasn’t surprising. What was unusual was that a ringleader was actually caught, since so much of this type of crime goes unprosecuted.


So, think twice before swiping your card, online or brick and mortar.


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