MLB Standing: AL East #1; Best AL Regular Season Record (Updated)

4 Oct

Yankees are now waiting for the Rangers & Orioles’ one-game wild card race!

((click to enlarge if necessary))


Game Schedule:

ALWC  G1 10/05 20:30 ET  BAL  TBD @ TEX  Yu Darvish
ALDS    G1 10/06 18:00 ET  OAK  TBD @ DET  TBD


Facing either Orioles or Rangers seems to be better than facing Athletes now~ 😛 They are the black horse who knock Rangers off the AL West title after all. Anyway, to keep winning is the bottom line, no matter who the opponent is!!!


Update: How They Got There: Yankees: looks back at the New York Yankees road to the American League East championship

((click on the picture to see the video!))


As a Yankee fan, seeing a video like that, I always feel so touched about how resilient they’ve battled all season long! Like Jeter said, now that we have the best AL record, the season starts!



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