MLB’s New Compensation System & How Will It Affect Yankees?

3 Nov

Here are the basics:
#1 Only players who spent the entire season with one franchise are eligible for compensation. Any mid-season trade addition or waiver claim is ineligible.

Every other free agent – anyone who did spend the entire season with one team – is eligible, as long as his former team is willing to offer a qualifying contract. This year, a qualifying contract is at least one year, $13.3 million (that number will change year to year based on the average salary of the 125 highest-paid players in the game).

Players who are not given a qualifying offer become free agents with no compensation attached to them.

If a player rejects a qualifying offer, he becomes free agents, and his former team is eligible for compensation if he signs elsewhere.


#2 There are no more Type-A and Type-B free agents. All compensation free agents are the same.

When player rejects a qualifying offer and signs elsewhere, his former team will receive one draft pick between the first and second rounds.

The player’s new team will lose its first-round pick (the top 10 picks are protected, so if the signing team picks in the top 10, it loses its second-round pick). Those lost picks go nowhere. They are simply lost and everyone else moves up a spot.


#3 How does this affect the Yankees?

The two to consider are Nick Swisher and Rafael Soriano. For Swisher, $13.3 million would be a solid raise over what he was making this year, but he’s probably after a multi-year contract this winter (and even if he accepted, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for the Yankees). Soriano is expected to opt out of $14 million, and he too is expected to be after a multi-year contract.

It seems likely that the Yankees will extend a qualifying offer to those two, and receive two additional draft picks when they sign elsewhere.


簡言之,洋基最可能提QO(qualifying offer)給Sori&Swisher, 即使他們拒絕,洋基將獲得把兩者簽走隊伍的第一輪選秀權。開給黑田應該也是預料之中,不過黑田應該會續約!嘻嘻。至於我家派帥和MO應該不需要討論~XD~



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