Taiwanese American Gets CNN Nod for Biofuel Project

4 Dec


The “Turn Grease into Fuel” recycling program started by 14-year-old Cassandra Lin (林心瑜), a US citizen of Taiwanese descent, has been chosen by CNN as one of the young wonders in its Top 10 CNN heroes of the year.

Lin and seven friends started the community project four years ago, in concert with local restaurants and Newport Biodiesel, a company that processes used oil, helping restaurants turn used grease into fuel.

A total of 118 restaurants and 10 public storage places participate in the recycling program, and residents in the area are encouraged to donate household grease to the public storage places.

Newly enrolled at the Williams School in New London, Connecticut, Lin and her Westerly Innovations Network team appeared on CNN Heroes: An All Star Tribute, on Sunday night.

Lin said that being recognized by CNN was an honor, and it was heady to be on the same stage with all the other CNN Heroes.


Hmm…why aren’t grease producers Mcdonalds and KFC participating in the program? If they were, the project would likely be more successful! 😛



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