Want Want Plans New Title with Fujian Daily Group

17 Dec

I’m not going to look into the issue of who’s behind the print media cooperation. I just raise my brow at how stealthy the Ma’s administration is:



Inquiries by the Taipei Times to government agencies seem to indicate that Chinese injections of capital in the domestic print media market might fall through the cracks, with one agency after another claiming that regulating print media was not their responsibility.

An official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which absorbed the now-defunct Government Information Office last year, told the Taipei Times that after consulting with staff at the ministry, the consensus was that the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) was in charge of regulating investment in print media.

However, when approached for comment, FSC Secretary-General Chen Yuh-chang (陳裕璋) said the commission was in charge of supervising banks, insurers, securities and fund houses, and that media firms fall under the jurisdiction of the National Communications Commission (NCC), with the Investment Commission under the Ministry of Economic Affairs perhaps also playing a role if foreign investments are involved.

An Investment Commission spokesman said he had never heard of the publication, which meant the commission was not in charge of reviewing the plan.

Meanwhile, NCC spokesperson Yu Hsiao-cheng (虞孝成) said print media was no longer regulated by the Publication Act (出版法), which was abolished in 1999, adding that the NCC was only in charge of supervising broadcast media.


It looks like whoever gave the green light to inking the print media cooperation agreement has been kept in secret! *shrugs*



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