19 Craziest Words of 2012

29 Dec


After surveying the newest additions to esteemed dictionaries, along with the latest in social media slang and lifestyle trends, Glo rounded up the 19 must-know words of 2012. Stop worrying about your floordrobe, take off your shooties, sit back and prepare for an amazeballs experience that’s anything but meh.


I like most of them, especially “brain cramp“:

#1 baby-lag: We haven’t seen Alice since she gave birth. Blame it on baby-lag.

#2 boyf: This is our fifth date, which means he might be my boyf.

#3 brain cramp: This 30-pager on neurotransmitters is giving me the biggest brain cramp ever.

#4 First World Problem: She’s going to spend six weeks on Maui, but all the bungalows at the hotel were booked, so she had to take a suite. Total #FirstWorldProblem.

#5 floordrobe: I so need to clean my room—it has become a total floordrobe.

#6 Frankenstorm: With global warming, there could be more Frankenstorms in our future. <====== a very common coined word after Storm Sandy


#8 man cave (mantuary or manspace): Where’s Doug? Oh, right, in his man cave, as always.

#9 meh: Have you met Suzy’s new boyfriend? Very meh.

#10 mommy porn: 50 Shades of Grey is the ultimate mommy porn.

#11 nomophobia: If you can’t go a night without your phone, you might have a serious case of nomophobia.

#12 mwahahah: You haven’t seen the last of me… mwahahaha!

#13 PANK: My sister just had a baby. Guess that makes me a PANK. <======= PANK stands for “professional aunt no kids”

#14 photobomb: Is that thumb man in your picture? He totally photobombed you.

#15 shootie: At the spring runway shows, it was all about the shootie.



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