Ang Lee Receives Visionary Award for ‘Life of Pi’

9 Jan

LIFE OF LEE:The award from the Visual Effects Society was the latest addition to the critical acclaim for ‘Life of Pi,’ which has grossed US$308 million since its release

Oscar-winning Taiwanese filmmaker Ang Lee (李安) received a Visionary Award from the Visual Effects Society (VES) in California on Saturday for his shipwreck epic Life of Pi.

The US-based director “pushed the envelope of creation of visual effects for telling a story. In our generation, only Star Wars did that,” said Jeffrey Okun, chairman of the VES awards committee.

“Ang Lee has used the art of visual effects to masterful effect in telling stories like Life of Pi that could not have otherwise been so powerfully brought to life,” Okun said, according to a separate story on Fxguide, a Web site dedicated to visual effects and post-production information.

With a body of work that encompasses films as distinguished and artful as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Sense and Sensibility and Brokeback Mountain, Lee’s imagery has brought stunning and compelling images to the world of cinema — making us proud to award him our annual Visionary Award,” Okun said.

The VES award was the latest addition to the considerable critical acclaim Life of Pi has already received.

Last month, the movie was named as one of the top 10 films of the year by the American Film Institute and has been nominated for many awards, including the Golden Globes’ best motion picture, best director and best score.

The film has also been a box office success since its release in November last year.


Apparently, visual effects in Life of Pi are in the same league as Star Wars or Avatar~ Way to go~

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