Linguistic Puns (Quoted from Chiang Kai-Shek Statue Moved at NCKU Campus)

11 Jan

I’m not going to talk about this article. I’m much more intrigued by puns of different languages/dialects. See the quote below:

Members of student organization, the 02 Group (零貳社) — whose name is a phonetic translation of the word “protest” in Hoklo (commonly known as Taiwanese)


The equivalent of “protest” in Mandarin is “kang4 yi4” but “kong4 yi” in Taiwanese. Coincidentally, “kong4 yi” sounds the same as the number “02” in Taiwanese! So, the student organization for “protest” is named “02 Group”~ That’s indeed witty as far as I’m concerned~ 😀 The other pun between Taiwanese and English my significant other and I have often played with is “pai3 sei2” (sorry). It sounds very similar to “pie says”! Imagine there is an illustration of a pie saying “I’m sorry” on a T-shirt? Wouldn’t it be quick-witted? XD~

So, what puns of different languages do you have? 🙂



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