Taiwan vs Hong Kong

10 Feb

I’ve intended to write about this but haven’t actually got it done until now~ =.=a The major “differences”, aka advantages of living in Hong Kong,  are as follows:

#1. 24-hour bus service: Yes, 24/7. There are night buses that are less frequent and a little bit more expensive than daytime buses but they are definitely worth the money. The thing is that night bus stops are different from daytime ones. It might be somewhat troublesome for new passengers to look for.

#2. Customized cable TV channels: Unlike no-choice all-in-one deals in Taiwan, subscribers can choose what channel packages they would like to have and the monthly fee will be based on the package contracted.

#3. MTR stations and grocery stores (even shopping malls!!!) right downstairs of apartment complexes: You don’t need to drive or travel to get groceries! You take the entrance elevator of your apartment complex straight down to the grocery store/shopping mall and buy all your need!


However, there is surely a drawback for foreigners living in Hong Kong who don’t speak Cantonese. You might have the idea that English is commonly understood in Hong Kong but it isn’t really the case. It is true in tourist hotspots like Tsim Sha Tsui, Central or Mong Kok but outside those business areas, say Yuen Long, English is fairly “useless“. Another thing I don’t like in Hong Kong is general lack of space to sun dry clothes. There is no space to simply hang clothes outside (a tiny balcony is considered outside here). You need to hang them on a rope stretching out from a window! The easiest way is to put clothes in a dryer but when clothes are hand washed only, which most of my clothes are =’=, sun drying clothes turns out to be not as easy as it should be.


All in all, life in Hong Kong should be passable for a foreseeable future.



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