World Baseball Classic Continues! Team Taiwan vs Netherlands after Defeating Australia (Updated)~

3 Mar

Dutch, Chinese Taipei take bats into clash

Pool B showdown to feature plenty of sluggers

TAICHUNG, Taiwan — When World Baseball Classic first round Pool B host Chinese Taipei encounters the Kingdom of the Netherlands on Sunday, how sluggers from each side perform will be key to the outcome.

Power hitters from each of the two teams contributed significantly to their respective wins Saturday. Chinese Taipei bagged a comfortable 4-1 win against Australia, while the Netherlands secured a 5-0 surprise victory against Korea.

Yao-Lin Wang (王躍霖), a Cubs prospect, is slated to start against the Netherlands.

Manager Chang-Heng Hsieh remained cautious about the upcoming game after the win against Australia.

“The Netherlands has an explosive batting lineup,” he said. “We hope that tomorrow we can get more aggressive in our offense” to counter the Dutch team.


More on the win against Australia:

Wang leads Chinese Taipei to victory in Classic opener

Right-hander tosses six shutout innings; Peng, Lin come through in clutch offensively

TAICHUNG, Taiwan — Six shutout innings from Chien-Ming Wang (王建民) and timely hits from sluggers Cheng-Min Peng (彭政閔) and Chih-Sheng Lin (林智勝) helped Chinese Taipei to a comfortable 4-1 win against Australia in the opener of the 2013 World Baseball Classic on Saturday.

This first baseman didn’t appear to feel a ground ball bounce off his chest, might be made of metal

During the fifth inning of Chinese Taipei’s 4-1 victory over Australia in the World Baseball Classic opener on Saturday, first baseman Cheng-Min Peng (彭政閔) took a hard ground ball off the chest. His resulting actions, however, made it appear that he had no idea.

Are we sure that his skeleton doesn’t look like this? Or, given that he seemed to consider the possibility that the ball went right though him, this? Either way, he still recovered in time to make to play.

原來恰恰是鋼鐵人~~~ XD~~~


Let’s Go Wang! Let’s Go Team Taiwan!! Let’s Go for the 2nd Win!!!



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