Team Taiwan Advances to Tokyo for Poor B Round 2!!!

6 Mar

As title, our competitors in Tokyo are two-time defending Classic champion Japan, Cuba, and Kingdom of the Netherlands, with games beginning on Friday against Japan!

(Note: Chinese Taipei, the Netherlands and Korea were tied with two wins each after Tuesday’s games in Pool B in Taichung. According to the official rule, the tie is broken based on head-to-head records or by ranking each team’s Team Quality Balance (TQB). Based on TQB, Chinese Taipei emerged as the group leader, with the Netherlands taking second place.

TQB is the sum of runs scored divided by the number of innings played on offense, minus the number of runs allowed, divided by the number of innings played on defense. For purposes of determining TQB, only the scores from the games between the tied teams are to be used in the calculation.)

Chinese Taipei manager Chang-Heng Hsieh (謝長亨) was proud that his team moved on.

“Our players have worked hard to give their best in the three games in the first round,” Hsieh said. “I would like to thank my team and hope that we will continue to perform well. Korea is a tough opponent … we have not done well against them in recent years. We will continue to improve ourselves, and hopefully one day we can surpass other strong teams in international competitions.”


Recaps of the games in Round 1:
Against Korea:


Against Netherlands:


Against Australia:


Back on Yankees, Texeira got injured in his WBC training~ =’= We can’t have more injuries in the infield, can we?! Texi (right wrist strain,  X-rays negative), Jeter (ankle injury in the playoffs last season), A-Rod (hip surgery in the off season 2012) and Granderson (fractured right forearm in Spring Training) all have injury concern. Even Cashman himself got injured, too! He broke his right fibula and a dislocated right ankle on his second parachute jump for charity. No more injuries for Yankees, please!!!



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