What If a Password Didn’t Contain Words?

10 Apr

I’m back from a spring break! Haven’t updated anything here for a month! Here are what’s new:

#1. I’m finally baptised…well, after nearly one year’s investigating…=.=a Speaking of which, I should update the About page later.

#2. I met my best high school friend (and her boyfriend) in Macao! We were supposed to meet in Hong Kong but hmm, well, things got changed. ^^!

#3. MLB Season 2013 has started! I haven’t got time to blog on Yankees yet! >_<‘

Here is a quick look! Besides two dominant starts by Andy Pettitte, who has got 2 wins and sub-2 ERA, replacement players like Hafner, Boesch, Vermon Wells  have been doing so well that you can’t help but wonder how amazing Cashman’s acumen was to look for backup players in Spring Training when sluggers like Texeirei and Granderson unexpectedly and unfortunately injured!!!


Back to the title, here is an interesting article on if your passwords should be controlled by your mind, not by words!


Researchers at UC  Berkeley’s School of Information announced that they are working on  technology that reads your mind to open your email account, buy an app on  iTunes, and check your bank balance. Security  researchers determined that electroencephalograms (EEGs) are a reliable-enough  indicator of individuality to substitute for a password. Also, there are now  relatively inexpensive Bluetooth devices that measure your EEG and connect to  your computer without any brain implants.

Marvelous, isn’t it? Like telepathy? XD~



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