Season 2013 Game 9 – The Most Remarkable of the Season So Far!

13 Apr

Needless to say anything, just go ahead watching the videos!!

CC’s balk moves tying run up (As the commentator said, to him that was the most unscientific call in baseball and Michael Kay was with him, too. Simply rubbing his pants made a balk?! 0.o’ Really?)


Must C: Classic
The Yankees turned the first 4-6-5-6-5-3-4 triple play in Major League history in a 5-2 win over the Orioles (A disjointed triple play as the commentator said in the end of clip)


The triple play made the Top Play of the Day!!!


Recap: BAL 2, NYY 5
Daily Recap: CC Sabathia was solid against the Orioles and he got some help from an unconventional triple play turned in the eighth inning


Girardi on CC, triple play
Yankees manager Joe Girardi breaks down CC Sabathia’s quality start and talks about the club’s historic triple play in the eighth


Mark it as the top game of the year, well, one of the top games of the year! XD~



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