I’m Back~

10 Sep

Can’t believe it’s been 4 months that I didn’t log on my blog! Here are things that I’ve done:

#1. Wedding day
#2. With my family touring Hong Kong after the wedding day
#3. To Shenzhen twice to renew a visitor’s visa before a residential visa is issued
#4. Settle down in Hong Kong – Hong Kong ID card, a bank account & a permanent phone number
#5. Summer vacation – a trip to Xian, China & day trips around Hong Kong
#6. Back to work – translation & editing


As for Yankees, well well well, besides injures and re-injuries have been plagued the team for the whole season (even before the season actually began!) and the unexpected success in the early season that amazed everyone, the rotation has shown instability from time to time. The biggest “surprise” (or puzzle) was how “un-C.C.-like” performance had been before the recent 3 or 4 starts (I’ll talk about it more in a later entry if time permits). Another less surprising thing, well probably not much of a surprise at all, was how ineffective Hughes had been this season (He has been “demoted” as a long reliever since last series against Red Sox). Even though the strong bullpen that has been dominant for most of the reason, it broken down in the previous series again Red Sox, a 4-run lead blown included. What’s worse, David Robertson & Boone Logan haven’t been available since Game 1 & Game 2 respectively against Red Sox. They have been day-to-day. It’s indeed a serious blow in the Wild Card race down the last stretch of the season!


Right now, Yankees are playing a crucial series (Every game is extremely important in September!) against Orioles – a Wild Card rival! Here is where Yankees currently stand:

AL Standing (September 10th)


So, there’s indeed no margin for errors in the rest of the season!



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