Dexter Shockers

28 Sep

Dexter, one of my favorite shows, came to an end this month, and so did Burn Notice. I can now only anticipate the final season of The Big Bang Theory that just premiered this week! Here’s a fun report on just-ending Dexter (PS: To avoid too many spoilers, blanks are left for you to fill in! XD~):

The show is jam-packed with plot twists, large and small. Every episode has its share of surprises, but the real shockers have been unforgettable — moments so raw and unanticipated that they left us breathless. Today we think back on some of our favorite shockers. One of the best aspects of “Dexter” is that, when the writers drop a bomb, you never really recover. Here are some spine-tingling standouts:

1. The ice truck killer is Dexter’s ___.
2. Authorities find Dexter’s dumping ground.
3. ____ is framed as the Bay Harbor Butcher.
4. Dexter is kidnapped (kind of).
5. Rita gets pregnant.
6. Lundy takes a bullet.
7. ___ kills Rita.
8. Professor James Gellar is actually ____.
9. ___ watches Dexter kill in Season 6.
10. Viktor is gay.
11. ___ kills LaGuerta.
12. ___ gets away from the prison in season 7.
13. Everything Evelyn Vogel did.

If you are true a Dexter fan, these questions are no-brainers!



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