Taiwan-Inspired Toilet Eatery Makes a Splash in US

23 Oct

Another nearly a month’s hiatus from the blog. Ha. Nothing much happened. The temperature has cooled down quite a bit in Hong Kong, which is comfortably breezy to take a walk at night. 🙂 As for Yankees, there has been nothing much since October 1st (we all know who are competing in World Series starting Wed…) except Yankees inked with Joe Girardi a 4-year deal that will make him the Yankee skipper for 10 years when the contract expires.


Back to the title “toilet eatery”, it sounds extremely odd, doesn’t it? However, the idea for the quirky restaurant was taken from a Taiwanese bathroom-themed diner and the cuisine is also inspired by Taiwan, said the report:

A restaurant billed as the US’ first toilet-themed eatery has just opened in Los Angeles and is packing in diners after a wave of free publicity for the concept, said to be imported from Taiwan.

The Magic Restroom restaurant, where customers sit on ceramic bathroom bowls and eat from toilet-shaped tableware, did brisk business on its first weekend.

The idea comes from Taiwan, he said, where a bathroom-themed eatery called Modern Toilet is based that has branches all over Asia.

The food we serve here, its actually normal. It’s typical Taiwanese food, like for example beef stew noodle,” he added.

The toilet theme extends — perhaps inevitably — to the menu, with dishes including “black poop” (chocolate sundae), “smells-like-poop” (braised pork over rice), and “bloody number two” (vanilla-strawberry sundae).

A random poll of customers on Sunday suggested the eatery has the right ingredients for success. Denesse Elias said her chicken was served in a urinal while a shrimp rice order came in a small toilet.

The launch has made toilet humor headlines around the world, including “Owners of ‘Restroom Cafe’ flush with success” by the Washington Post and “Poop for dinner? Restroom-themed eatery serves up unsavory-named dishes” by the Daily Mail.


Googling it, I found Modern Toilet even has a branch in Hong Kong (Mongkok) besides the well-known one in Ximending, Taiwan.



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