Ender’s Game

18 Nov

When I was first told about the movie Ander’s Game, I was like “yeah yeah yeah, another advanced alien species attacked the earth and a hero made us survive, blah blah blah” but after seeing the movie in cinema last weekend, I consider it significantly better than Thor 2 (even Thor 1 was just okay, you know). What intrigued me the most was the close relationship between Ander and his elder sister, which I can totally relate to with my dear brother. However, the movie didn’t portray the deep brother-sister bond much (only in a couple of scenes); either the screenplay writer/director didn’t think it was interesting enough or the total movie time wasn’t long enough to build those two characters as well as I wished. =.=’ Anyway, here is the trailer:


Check the movie in cinema. It’s worth it. =)



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