La Maison du Chocolat

29 Nov

It’s a gourmet chocolate store that I came across in one of my favorite shopping malls yesterday. According to the name card given with my purchase, you can only find this exquisite chocolate in 6 cities: Paris, Cannes, London, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong. The chocolates look elegant, taste smooth but cost “unfriendly” as some of you might figure. =.=a I most like the plain truffle, truffle fine champagne, Boheme (milk chocolate with mousse),  Zagora (Morocco picked mint with dark chocolate), Cannelle (cinnamon with cacao), Micaela (coffee, milk & chocolate mousse), and Valencia (orange liqueur and dark chocolate)!


Compared with See’s Candies that I purchased numerous times in the past, La Maison du Chocolat tastes “less commercialized” to me, less rich but with more after taste, to be exact. I still like See’s but I think I will go for La Maison de Chocolat if allowed with one choice only ^^!. Quite interesting though, both chocolate brands have stores opened in Japan and Hong Kong (the two most powerful chocolate consuming markets in Asia?) outside their home base US and western Europe respectively.


For more details of La Maison du chocolat, please visit



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