Ellsbury, Yanks Reportedly Have Seven-Year Deal

4 Dec

I bet quite a lot of Yankees fan are “surprised” with this deal, the second major splash after the Brian McCann’s 5-year deal. It isn’t like this is a ridiculous or far-fetched move but it is supposed to happen later than sooner~ =.=a Apparently, the negotiation with Beltran fell through (Yankees insisted on no more than 2 years due to Beltran’s age) so they moved on and struck the deal with Jacoby Ellsbury right away! It’s no doubt an upgrade in the outfield, with excellent defense from Brett Gardner, Ellsbury and Alfonso Soriano plus great power by Soriano! Here is the catch though. Ellsbury has quite some injury history. That could be a red flag. Yankees could keep Ichiro (or Vernon Wells) as a backup center fielder should Ellsbury land on the DL.


According to MLB Yankees website, Yankees guaranteed Ellsbury $153 million through the 2020 season, with an option for an eighth year that could raise the total value of the agreement to $169 million. It indicates a) $189 luxury tax threshold has again been out of the window unless something dramatic occurs; b) The possibility of re-signing Can is slimmer (more like from 90% down to 50% or 60%)? How about the most-needed upgrades in the rotation and 3B? Still waiting for the Japanese Professional Baseball and MLB to settle down a new posting system and A-Rod’s suspension hearing result from the arbitrator?


洋基與Jacoby Ellsbury的新約:七年,1億5千3百萬。平均一年接近2千2百萬。第8年有選擇權。



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