Hong Kong Heritage Museum

21 Feb

Opening Hours:

Mon, Wed, Thurs & Friday: 10AM ~ 6PM
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 10am – 7PM
Christmas Eve and Chinese New Year’s Eve: 10am – 5pm
Closed on Tuesdays (except public holidays) and the first two days of the Chinese New Year

Location, Map & Transportation: By MTR: Alight at Che Kung Temple Station (Exit A) and then a 5-minute walk or at Sha Tin Station (Exit A) and then a 15-minute walk.

Highlight exhibition (2013/07/20 ~ 2018/07/20): Bruce Lee (Photography Prohibited!)


The facility I liked the most: Museum Restaurant
Though the website says “Q.Mix, the museum’s new restaurant, is now open in the main lobby offering fusion food and a variety of noodles”, I had little interest in noodles dishes. Instead, I was intrigued by their rice menu selections — stir-fried rice with beef, pork or other kinds of meats with different types of sauces like curry or sour & sweet, etc. A non-rice person as I’ve been, I actually enjoyed kimji stir-fried rice with beef. It wasn’t spicy enough for me but it tasted good. Also, I liked soda with mango juice a lot~ The drink actually has Taiwanese tea-shop flavor in it, with coconut jelly (椰果, yie2 guo3) added.


What surprised me the most: Cantonese Opera Heritage Hall

Seeing the theme of the exhibition, I was thinking “Man, opera singing & music, geez~” (You know what I mean ^^!). But guess what? I was totally wrong! The music played was not unpleasant to hear and the items exhibited looked neat and exquisite! I specially loved the vintage dresser table! XD~


Visiting Rules:

#. Please do not use flash photography or tripods or record videos. Please follow the photography and filming regulations of each exhibition hall. (“Museum porn ban” following the “food porn ban”? XD~)
#. Please do not write on, mark, soil or damage any exhibit, installation, wall or facility in the museum.
#. To avoid accidents, please do not run or play inside the museum.
#. To keep our facilities clean and tidy, please do not eat or drink beyond the designated areas of the museum.
#. Please do not make excessive noise or use mobile phones inside the exhibition halls. Help maintain a quiet and pleasant environment.


Overall, the museum is absolutely worth going at least once! The Bruce Lee Exhibition is definitely the feature of now upon until summer, 2018. There is Bruce Lee holographic projection in the show room & there is a 3D sensory screen like Wii that you can play as one of the Cantonese Opera characters!



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