Language Pun Part II

22 Feb

We talked about puns between different languages, such as “02” in Taiwanese sounds the same as “抗議 (kang4 yi4, protest)” in Taiwanese & “pai3 se3” in Taiwanese, meaning “sorry”, sounds very similar to “pie say” in English. Here is a very catchy one in the past year owing to a widely successful Taiwanese film called “David Loman” (a high-ranking gangster or the leader of a gang).

Slide the video time to 0:23 and watch it until the end, you’ll see what “bing de” (冰的,cold) in Mandarin means in Taiwanese! XD~


PS: I thought of the old blog post “language puns” because of the two silly stickers on Line App on the other day. These are what I received (top) & what I replied (bottom):

bing de's

Silly but funny~ XD~

That’s just me~ ^^!



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