Language Pun III

2 Mar

We talked about the language puns of “02”, “pai sei” and “bing de”. Here is another funny one that has been catchy for years. I didn’t think of it until a fairly new sticker was released on Line App that has been widely used~ It actually illustrates very well of this pun:

xia, shrimp

Get it? “Xia” (瞎, blind; lousy) sounds the same as “xia” (蝦, shrimp) so when something or someone is considered lousy, shoddy or shabby, you may call it/him/her “xia” as the sticker shows~ ^^!


PS: If my memory doesn’t play a trick on me, I believe the inventor of this catchy phrase is Jay Chou. However, I couldn’t find any video of him saying that particular term. I’ll keep looking for one and update it when I do~



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