Nabe One – a Japanese hot pot buffet restaurant

3 Mar

Nabe means “Nabemono”, meaning “different kinds of pot foods” in Japanese. There are currently two branches in HK, one in Tsim Sha Tsui and the other in Tuen Mun. The price ranges from HK$138 ~ 338 per adult, depending on what kind of beef you choose. For shabushabu (soupy hot pot), I think US supreme beef is good enough but for sukiyaki (stew hot pot), I think Japanese Supreme Wagyu will be a better choice though I didn’t get to have sukiyaki this time. With all-you-want-to-eat meat, vegetables & other yummy hot pot ingredients like corn, shrimp balls or tofu, you may easily slip into a “food coma”~ XD~ However, remember to save some room for dessert! I love frozen yogurt with chocolate icing and almond flakes! It’s also unlimited in supply! I couldn’t have enough of it due to the 90-minite dining time limit~ Don’t get me wrong. 90 minutes should be enough for most customers except (extremely) slow eaters like me ^^!  Overall, I like Nabe One and will go again to try sukiyaki & binge on frozen yogurt!! Haha~


PS 1. Nabe One serves pan-fried rice with beef, chowder soup & curry with minced beef besides all unlimited hot pot food~ I like curry sauce a lot! It actually works surprisingly well with hot pot ingredients like Korean sticky rice cake & shrimp balls!

PS 2. In Taiwan, hot pot buffet restaurants are either like Nabe One or the ultra-convenient “food belt conveying” style~ I miss the latter because it has unlimited supply of my favorite seafood, clams & fish fillet chops in particular!!! Does any one know such a Taiwanese-style hot pot buffet in Hong Kong?



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