Hong Kong’s “Nosebleed” Office-Tower Values Beat Manhattan

6 Mar

What caught my attention is NOT how expensive a Hong Kong skyscraper office is (it is hardly new, is it? ^^!) but the adjective “nosebleed” used in the title~ I find this particular wording amusing and am wondering how I would translate it if paid for *news editing translation* (see note). I would Probably go for something similar to “令人飆鼻血的香港摩天商辦高價租金”。 Anyway, regarding the crazy property value rise in Hong Kong, the rent of apartment complexes in “boring/quite/suburb” Yuenlong could jump from HK$6500~7500 to HK$10,000~12,000 in two years,  to say nothing of that of skyscraper offices in business/tourist districts~


Note: News editing translation is different from accurate translation. Due to the nature of news time constraint, translators are more often than not asked to do summarized translation.



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