Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement Protest Is Also Strikingly Beautiful~

1 Apr

Earlier I talked about the recent protest in Legislative Yuan and what perspective a retired US diplomat with 35 years of service in Taiwan, China and Mongolia took on the cross-strait service trade agreement. Here is a a link on Sunday’s rally that gathered more than 100,000 supporters! You can click on the link to see all the photos!! The following is the excerpt from the report:

Holding aloft sunflowers, over 100,000 thronged through the streets of Taiwan’s capital Taipei on Sunday, accusing their government of ramming through a controversial trade deal with China.

The protests, dubbed the “sunflower movement,” started two weeks ago when Taiwan’s ruling party pushed the trade bill through the parliamentary review process without bipartisan discussion, the Wall Street Journal reports. Students stormed the parliament building and have occupied the main chamber for 14 days, fending off attempted police raids by piling entrances and exits with furniture.

Taiwan split from China over 60 years ago, but China still regards the self-governed island as part of its territory. Under Taiwanese President President Ma Ying-jeou ties between China and Taiwan have greatly improved, and the president insists that increasing trade with China is essential to maintain Taiwan’s economic competitiveness. However, many in the country are deeply skeptical of China’s influence while at the same time demanding greater transparency from their government.

The Wall Street Journal notes that Sunday’s rally was a peaceful family affair, with baby strollers, chants from the Les Misérables musical, and dogs dressed up in the protesters’ garb.


There is an article on The Economist called “On the Antlers of A Dilemma” that I would like to share. However, due to a recent policy change of The Economist, only registered or subscribed users can view the whole article so I can’t really link and share it here like I’ve always done. Nevertheless, if you Google it, hehehe *wink*.



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