About Massage Places I’ve been to in Hong Kong So Far

17 Apr

I’ve enjoyed massage SO MUCH. Not only does it feel relaxing but as a computer-based freelancer, it can no doubt relieve my occupational “hazard”: shoulder stiffness or even soreness. However, I haven’t been to any in Hong Kong until last month since I “officially” lived in Hong Kong. NOT that I didn’t want to but I couldn’t find any (Google massage parlors/salons in Hong Kong and you’ll find out why~ Orz’). Luckily, my significant other found one on Cameron Rd in Tsim Sha Shui last month and that set off our massage “journey” in Hong Kong! XD~ The two we’ve been to so far, one as said above in TST and the other in our local area Yuenlong, both have their pros and cons but weighing up benefits and drawbacks, we prefer the one in Yuenlong. Here are more details of the two massage houses::


Massage House in TST:

Price: reasonable (about 50 dollars more expensive than the one in Yuenlong)

Membership Discounts: Yes, they offer different packages but I didn’t pay attention to any of them. =.=a

Space: Lager than the one in Yuenlong

Comfortableness of the reclining sofas: very comfortable

Friendliness of the staff: friendly but business-like

Location: Very convenient to both HK locals and tourists.

Masseur(s) recommended: Yes, there is one there I would highly recommend!


Massage House in Yuenlong:

Price: reasonable (slightly cheaper than the one in TST)

Membership Discount: Yes, about 15% off if you pay a HKD$3000 deposit.

Space: smaller than the one in TST

Comfortableness of the reclining sofas: above average

Friendliness of the staff: VERY friendly and attending to customers’ need by frequently asking if the massage caters to their need.

Location: Convenient to only locals in Yuenlong

Masseur recommended: I haven’t really found one yet but those two serving us last Saturday were both good enough.



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