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About Restaurants/Diners I’ve been to Recently

19 Apr

Two are in Tsim Sha Shui and the other two are in Yuenlong:


#1. The Chinese/Taiwanese restaurant on the 4th in the shopping mall The One:

→ Food recommended: steamed buns, pan-fried dumplings, glutinous rice cakes, fried pork chops, spicy steamed dumplings.

→ If you are a Taiwanese soupy noodles lover fond of the well-renowned beef noodles, wanton noodles or sour & spicy noodles, I guess you’d like this place.

→ pan-fried dishes: It was a pity that I couldn’t get to try any. They were mostly sold out by the time I got there =.=a…I would very much like to try their San Bei (Three Cups, sesame oil is one of the 3 sauces) Chicken or Spicy Chicken Dices (Kung Bao Chicken) and sweet sour pork.


#2. The Chinese restaurant on the MTR level of K11 Art Mall:

‧Menus here are similar to those in the Chinese restaurant in The One. I particularly liked shrimp steamed dumplings, stir-fried beef (very tender!) with green onions and ginger, eel fish slices with teriyaki sauce and spicy pan-fried chicken dices.


#3. The Turkish diner in a small alley of Yuenlong:

→ This little dinner in a small alley of Yuenlong is definitely a hidden pearl!!! When I found it on Google search, I was so surprised that in a quite suburb town Yuenlong, there is a Turkish restaurant located in a small alley intersecting with the main road! There are English menus & English speaking waitresses available so even you don’t speak Cantonese, it’ll be totally fine~ XD’

→ The diner is a tiny place. I guess (less than) 20 customers will make the little place full~ ^^!

→ Dishes recommended: Turkish doner, Turkish fried chicken (different from western fried chicken), Arabic samosa and stir-fried rice (what Tony Stark had when he got captivated in Afghanistan but I can’t remember its name…=.=a)

→ Desserts exist only on the menus but are never available! XD According to the English-speaking waitress, they’ve never had desserts available so I can’t help but wonder why on earth they even bother to list those yummy-looking desserts on the menu? =.=a


#4. The Chinese diner on the main road (Castle Peak Rd) of Yuenlong:

→ A little family diner opens 24/7 on Castle Peak Rd, Yuenlong.

→ I love steamed fish there!!! There are 5 choices and all are cheap and cheerful!!! I also like their dim sum, including spring rolls and steamed shrimp buns.



Old Pictures – Victoria Harbor View from Wooloomooloo in The One

17 Mar

I forgot these two pictures taken after coming back to Hong Kong from the Chinese New Year’s trip in Taiwan. They were taken more than a month ago, in the week of Feb 4th ~ 9th. I didn’t remember they were in the picture folder until last night when I was organizing all the files saved within the first quarter of this year.

The pictures were taken in Woolloomooloo Prime (in the shopping mall The One), one of my favorite steakhouses in Hong Kong. The first picture is a late afternoon view and the other is a night view:

harbor view in the lateafternoon

harbor view at night


PS: There are three branches of Wooloomooloo in Hong Kong. One is Wooloomooloo Prime in The One and the other are steakhouses in Tsim Sha Tsui and Wanchai. I went to the branch in Tsim Sha Tsui a couple of times & liked the view there, too. You can see the harbor view from there as well, just of a different angel from east Tsim Sha Tsui. However, there will be a 4th Wooloomooloo branch in Hong Kong soon! It is called Wooloomooloo Chop House & will be located in Causeway Bay. We’ll see how it looks then~


Nabe One – a Japanese hot pot buffet restaurant

3 Mar

Nabe means “Nabemono”, meaning “different kinds of pot foods” in Japanese. There are currently two branches in HK, one in Tsim Sha Tsui and the other in Tuen Mun. The price ranges from HK$138 ~ 338 per adult, depending on what kind of beef you choose. For shabushabu (soupy hot pot), I think US supreme beef is good enough but for sukiyaki (stew hot pot), I think Japanese Supreme Wagyu will be a better choice though I didn’t get to have sukiyaki this time. With all-you-want-to-eat meat, vegetables & other yummy hot pot ingredients like corn, shrimp balls or tofu, you may easily slip into a “food coma”~ XD~ However, remember to save some room for dessert! I love frozen yogurt with chocolate icing and almond flakes! It’s also unlimited in supply! I couldn’t have enough of it due to the 90-minite dining time limit~ Don’t get me wrong. 90 minutes should be enough for most customers except (extremely) slow eaters like me ^^!  Overall, I like Nabe One and will go again to try sukiyaki & binge on frozen yogurt!! Haha~


PS 1. Nabe One serves pan-fried rice with beef, chowder soup & curry with minced beef besides all unlimited hot pot food~ I like curry sauce a lot! It actually works surprisingly well with hot pot ingredients like Korean sticky rice cake & shrimp balls!

PS 2. In Taiwan, hot pot buffet restaurants are either like Nabe One or the ultra-convenient “food belt conveying” style~ I miss the latter because it has unlimited supply of my favorite seafood, clams & fish fillet chops in particular!!! Does any one know such a Taiwanese-style hot pot buffet in Hong Kong?


Chocolate & Me

24 Feb

Earlier we talked about La Maison du Chocolat v.s. See’s Candies. They are more like gourmet chocolates that have their own stores worldwide. Jules Destrooper, on the other hand, can be purchased in a grocery store like City Super. Also, it isn’t pure chocolate candy. It is more like a chocolate biscuit. See what the official website says: The crispy baked candy biscuits was coated in white, milk or dark chocolate. Here is a picture of the box of Jules Destrooper’s Chocolate Assortment:

Jules Destrooper - The Choclate Assortment

For more details/pictures, please visit the official website linked above. 🙂


PS: There is one more brand of chocolate to talk about but its official website hasn’t been completely established (the page is up but every click says “coming soon” =.=a) so I’ll leave it for another day.


La Maison du Chocolat

29 Nov

It’s a gourmet chocolate store that I came across in one of my favorite shopping malls yesterday. According to the name card given with my purchase, you can only find this exquisite chocolate in 6 cities: Paris, Cannes, London, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong. The chocolates look elegant, taste smooth but cost “unfriendly” as some of you might figure. =.=a I most like the plain truffle, truffle fine champagne, Boheme (milk chocolate with mousse),  Zagora (Morocco picked mint with dark chocolate), Cannelle (cinnamon with cacao), Micaela (coffee, milk & chocolate mousse), and Valencia (orange liqueur and dark chocolate)!


Compared with See’s Candies that I purchased numerous times in the past, La Maison du Chocolat tastes “less commercialized” to me, less rich but with more after taste, to be exact. I still like See’s but I think I will go for La Maison de Chocolat if allowed with one choice only ^^!. Quite interesting though, both chocolate brands have stores opened in Japan and Hong Kong (the two most powerful chocolate consuming markets in Asia?) outside their home base US and western Europe respectively.


For more details of La Maison du chocolat, please visit