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Hong Kong International Jewellery Show 2014

8 Mar

Time: 5 – 9 March 2014, Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

As indicated on the website, all buyers, a.k.a. visitors, must present their passport or Hong Kong Identity Card at the Buyer Registration Counter and visitors without validated badges will be denied entry. On each badge issued, there is a Visitor Badge Number. It is a permanent non-transferable pass to Hong Kong International Jewellery Show (4 times a year). There are 3 exhibition floors this time but I only finished touring the 1st one this afternoon. Of all the booths I saw/stopped by, this one caught most of my attention: Tiara Crown. XD~ I know it seems silly to obsess with a princess diamond crown. I mean except on a wedding, what occasion can it possibly be appropriate to actually wear a diamond crown ^^? However, since I saw a sparkling, magnificent, too-expensive-to-afford and not-anymore-in-store diamond crown in Chow Tai Fook K11 Mall branch, I’ve been enchanted =.=a~ It’s even been on my wishful list that so far has only two items: a diamond crown & 49% shares of New York Yankees (I know I am dreaming~ Ha~). If it still seems so baffling why a girl can be so obsessive with a diamond crown, a video clip of one of my all-time favorite TV series may explain why:


By the way, I got an email from Hong Kong Trade Development Council that organizes the jewelry exhibition. In the email, items related to my search written down on the visitor application form for the badge are listed and one company from Taiwan called King Star on one of the other two exhibition floors that I didn’t get to visit this afternoon seems to have my kind of product~ 😀 I will definitely check out King Star’s booth should I visit the jewelry exhibition this summer~



Dresses I like on Oscar Red Carpet 2014

4 Mar

Of all 70 something dresses on huffingtonpost, I like these four the best — I’m just talking about the dresses only, NOT looks:

Amy Adams Gucci gown and Tiffany jewels

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Laura Dern

Rachel Smith


Agree that these four dresses look glamorous & classy? 🙂


Shoes Collection II

11 Sep

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Azelia Hong Kong

21 Aug

My new secret garden for one-piece dresses! 😀

I took a close look at the following 3 dresses, tried on the 2nd & 3rd one & bought the last piece~ Hehe~


((click to enlarge))


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Black Friday

25 Nov

NOT Black the 13th but Black Friday~ 😛


Since yesterday was Thanksgiving, of course today we are going to talk about Black Friday! XD~

By definition, Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day, traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season! See the key word there? S-h-o-p-p-i-n-g!!! 😛


So, yesterday we were talking about things you are thankful for and “of course” today we are going to talk about what things you would like to shop for or who you would like to shop for/with? 😀


I want to shop for high-heeled shoes, real high-heeled shoes, inconvenient, money-consuming, can’t go-out-without-them high-heeled shoes! XDD~ ((If you still have no idea where I “pirated” the sentence pattern, you are NOT a shoe gal~ :P))


Further reading, well, more like additional pictures XD~