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7 Apr


NOT three gifts received at one occasion. They were presents for a birthday & two Valentine’s Days or vice versa. 🙂

Just think it would be fun to see them placed together in a box where my wedding bands were when purchased. 🙂


A paragraph of The VERY FIRST POEM I ever received~

poem eidted



The Movie “Her”

19 Mar

After seeing the trailer for the first time, I’d wanted to watch the movie and having seen it at UA iSquare last night, I stand by my choice. =) I specially like the letter in the end of the movie:

I’ve been sitting here thinking all the things I want to apologize to you for all the pain we caused each other and everything I put on you. All I needed is to be able to say sorry about that. I’ll always love that we both grew up together and you helped me be who I am. I just wanted you to know that there’ll be a piece of you in me always and I am grateful for that. Whoever someone you become and wherever you are in the world, sending you my love, you’re my friend until the end.

Things change and so do people. Even though you know someone for 6, 10 or even 15 years, you might still discover something new in him/her or start feeling this person is no longer (or different from) who you used to know…On the other hand, you might find a person consistent or constantly progressing and be so glad that you have him/her in life throughout all the years. The thing is to be grateful & appreciate the goodness in each other. After all, compatibility doesn’t just come along. It takes time and wisdom over time, especially when you get (so) comfortable with someone & the novelty wears off in the natural course of the time.


PS: By “change” I mean personality or habits change, NOT that your significant other cheats on you or is unfaithful to marriage/a committed relationship that kind of “change”…= =


Adultery & Repentance

12 Mar

It is a friend’s post and my comments on it:

Adultery & repentance

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Glamour: 50 Things Everyone Should Know about Getting Married

24 Nov

Here is what I can’t agree more!

You won’t learn certain habits about your man until you’re living together.
If you haven’t yet lived with your man, you can’t know everything about him, like whether he’s wasteful or frugal at home, how often he talks to friends and family, whether he’ll pitch in around the house, and whether he actually goes to bed at the same time as you.


I know for chastity concern, as required by Christianity, it is not supposed to be a live-in couple. However, it wasn’t where I came from. I didn’t attend church until one year ago or so. Even though I’ve tried to follow all church rules, I still consider it most beneficial/practical for couples to live together before marriage.


See here are what exactly proves what I just said:

You’ll find out things about him you didn’t know before…and they may leave you scratching your head asking, “Who’s this guy in my house?” Well, you’ve changed over the years, and that means your husband has too. It’s a good thing, and it’s part of the discovery of marriage — and chances are he’s thinking the same about you.

You can’t be passionate every minute of every day — period. Just be realistic with your expectations and you’ll slide back into a routine that feels like you, whether that’s sex every night, weekend mornings — whatever works.

You’re going to have to do unsexy things with each other. Like divvying up chores, draining blisters, or buying each other’s less-than-glamorous personal-care items (honey, I need a box of super-plus tampons, please). And at the end of the day, week, month, and year, you’re still going to be married…and you’re still going to love each other just as much. Everyone, however, has her gross-out point, and marriage doesn’t mean you have to lose yours entirely for love, so keeping some boundaries intact is A-OK.


So, it is just wisely down to earth to live together before tying the knot, for there will be little/no “shock” left undiscovered! 😛


However, #20 & #38 are what I would contradict:

In my case, it’ll be all, if not all but mostly :P, left for my fiance to take care of~ All I want to get it done soonest is to obtain a residency certificate/visa in HKSAR. As for alchohol, to be honest, I used to enjoy drinking, for fun and/or with friends. However, since about 1 year ago, I’ve got to stay away from it for the again religious reason.


To conclude, Glamour has a good one, the same as what I’ve believed:

Your partner should make you feel like a better person.

According to a study from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, the marriages that last are the ones in which your partner helps you expand your definition and value of yourself. We couldn’t agree more.


Indeed, making you a better person, the special one & on the same page as his/hers is what makes marriage work! 🙂

By the way, the picture on #15 looks exactly the “same” as mine, both cutting & size wise! Hehe~


The 10 Best Guy Days of the Year

21 Dec

Initially considering it a yawn until seeing these two amusing picks~ XD


#7. The Day Your Lawn Stops Growing: We men take great pride in our lawns. A well-maintained field of verdant grass is our Apollonian goal, a statement about not just our skill as gardeners and landscapers but a measure of our ability to exert control in an uncertain world. Our neighbors appreciate us, our friends respect us, and our wives love us all the more. That’s all well and good, but let’s be honest: The whole thing is a certifiable pain in the ass. In late spring, when we dream of lounging with the newspaper and a baseball game, we’re instead dragging the mower out for yet another Sunday clipping. But then, mercifully, we hit a day somewhere in mid-late summer when nature shuts itself down. The grass takes on a slight brown hue, and though a few die-hards attempt to keep it lush year-round, the societal pressure is off. The mower can again be retired until next spring without complaint from the wife, and our Sundays are once again our own.


#8. Your Anniversary: Yeah, I know what you’re going to say. You’ll say, “Are you nuts? I have to get a present, make restaurant reservations, find a sitter, and of course, remember the date in the first place. What’s fun about that?” But it doesn’t have to be that way. First off, you should memorize and remember the date. Period. It’s just something you do when you’re a mature man of the world. Second, if you play it right, it’s actually a very easy win for you. You go out with your wife, who will be dressed to kill, and spend the evening canoodling over candlelight while reminiscing about the day you met. Good food is usually involved. And then—with any luck—you have sex. Keep it simple, enjoy your partner, and avoid having a bad day by not prioritizing it enough, in which case there will be no sex involved.


I like reminiscing about the day I met my significant other. I even like doing it as a “quiz”. 😛 Remembering why you first fell in love with someone reminds ourselves of what keeps the relationship going & our feet on the ground.