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The Past Week + A Hilarious Video of Robinson Cano! XD

2 May

It’s been a week! I’ve been BUSY with a bulk (100,000+ words) medical editing project. Besides very little (2 or 3 hours) sleep per day, I was literally working. =’= I even had meals while working though I had live Yankees games on while processing the editing files, too. Ha. Anyway, here is a hilarious video, more like a Laugh Out Loud trick, about Robinson Cano on Jimmy Fallon Show. Enjoy! XD




Kaley Cuoco Revealed Johnny Galecki was Her Ex!!

16 Apr

It is Kaley Cuoco that was dating Johnny Galecki, NOT Penny dating Leonard!!!

One person who got to share the love was Cuoco’s ex-boyfriend and “Big Bang Theory” co-star Johnny Galecki, whom she secretly dated for two years. “It took a minute, a bit of awkwardness,” she admitted. “By the grace of God, we became best buddies and moved on in such an elegant way. [He’s] one of my closest friends. He was in the front row at my wedding, with a huge smile on his face.”


Very gossipy I know ^^! but as a huge fan of this series for 7 seasons so far, it is indeed a big surprise. Ha.


“We Did Not Teach Ma Well”, NTU Law Professor Says

14 Apr

During a group discussion titled “Civic Disobedience” hosted by National Taiwan University’s (NTU) college of law, college dean Shieh Ming-yan (謝銘洋) said that if anyone had the right to say “we failed our students,” it was the NTU college of law.

“We have truly failed our students, because we have not taught [President] Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) well,” Shieh said.

Ma received his bachelor’s degree of law from the college in 1972.

Shieh’s comments referred to how the government allegedly intended to indict students for illegal actions when they were the only ones to stand up and highlight the government’s incapabilities and shortcomings.

Along with “bumbler” dubbed by The Economist and “administrative bungling and personal remoteness” described by Washington Post, it is really amusing to see his professors back in National Taiwan Univeristy now apologized for “failing” him~ *shrug*

To wrap up, Jerome Keating, a commentator in Taipei, nailed it!

Ma continues to refuse to let the dangers of this trade agreement receive proper examination. However as has been contended, this has not been just a matter of those for trade and those against. It even suggests the difference between a president who is involved with but not committed to the country he represents.
This precarious position also reflects the wider plight and position of Taiwan over the past six decades. Taiwan is a mid-sized nation; it is larger in population than 75 percent of the countries in the UN. Its economy places it in the top 20 countries of the world. It has a thriving, hard-won democracy and yet because of the financial pressure and politicking of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), it is at risk. Furthermore, as Taiwan strives for long overdue international recognition it also watches the failed promises of democracy the PRC gave Hong Kong and the way in which the people of Hong Kong classify the Chinese — as locusts streaming across their border.


Aerosmith Kick Off Tour With Slash

12 Apr

If they come to Hong Kong, I’ll definitely go!! Wahaha~


Stephen Colbert to Replace Letterman on “Late Show”

11 Apr|main5|dl2|sec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D463231

Comedian Stephen Colbert, who made his mark satirizing political conservatives on cable television’s Comedy Central channel, was named on Thursday to succeed veteran late-night star David Letterman as the host of the CBS “Late Show” next year.

Colbert, 49, currently host of “The Colbert Report,” a weeknight show in which he parodies the role of a dim-witted, big-egoed conservative pundit, has signed a five-year agreement with CBS, the network said in a statement.

Colbert told New York Times television correspondent Bill Carter that he would drop his Comedy Central persona, which he first popularized as a member of the cast of the “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”

Last week Letterman, 66, announced on his show he was retiring from late-night television sometime next year when his CBS contract expires. Letterman began the “Late Show” on CBS in 1993 after 11 years as the host of NBC’s “Late Night” program.

Colbert tapes his Comedy Central show in Manhattan, but it remained to be seen whether the “Late Show” would stay in its current venue at the nearby Ed Sullivan Theater.

“Simply being a guest on David Letterman’s show has been a highlight of my career,” Colbert said in a statement. “I never dreamed that I would follow in his footsteps, though everyone in late night follows Dave’s lead.”

He added: “I’m thrilled and grateful that CBS chose me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go grind a gap in my front teeth,” a reference to Letterman’s trademark grin.


I like the move and am very curious to see how it shakes up — how Stephen Colbert will differentiate his persona in Stephen Report from new Late Show. I like his show Colbert Report a lot! It is “stupidly” funny and supposed to be that way. Stephen Colbert is paid for being stupid there after all! XD As the article puts it, “he parodies the role of a dim-witted, big-egoed conservative pundit” and when he does it, it is ridiculously funny because you know he is faking it~ Ha~