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The Movie “Her”

19 Mar

After seeing the trailer for the first time, I’d wanted to watch the movie and having seen it at UA iSquare last night, I stand by my choice. =) I specially like the letter in the end of the movie:

I’ve been sitting here thinking all the things I want to apologize to you for all the pain we caused each other and everything I put on you. All I needed is to be able to say sorry about that. I’ll always love that we both grew up together and you helped me be who I am. I just wanted you to know that there’ll be a piece of you in me always and I am grateful for that. Whoever someone you become and wherever you are in the world, sending you my love, you’re my friend until the end.

Things change and so do people. Even though you know someone for 6, 10 or even 15 years, you might still discover something new in him/her or start feeling this person is no longer (or different from) who you used to know…On the other hand, you might find a person consistent or constantly progressing and be so glad that you have him/her in life throughout all the years. The thing is to be grateful & appreciate the goodness in each other. After all, compatibility doesn’t just come along. It takes time and wisdom over time, especially when you get (so) comfortable with someone & the novelty wears off in the natural course of the time.


PS: By “change” I mean personality or habits change, NOT that your significant other cheats on you or is unfaithful to marriage/a committed relationship that kind of “change”…= =



Ang Lee Best Director for Life of Pi at Oscar

25 Feb

Thank you, Movie God~ XD~



Thank you, Academy. 謝謝 (Xie4 Xie4)~ Namaste~


More on Life of Pi:


Married with Children

24 Sep

Kelly Bundy:

Come on, Daddy, I wanna be a model. Hey, maybe I can get one of those neat jobs standing in a store window.



The “best” incarnation of an American blonde bimbo? 😛


Actions Speaker Louder than Words?

12 Sep

Hei hei~ Someone had her say! 😀


Carolyn Wells:Actions lie louder than words.


A catchy Chinese netizen’s phrase:嘴巴不要,身體倒還挺誠實的嘛~ XD~



Leave v.s. Left

14 Jul

Marilyn Monroe: A smart girl leaves before she is left.


Hey girls, if you’ve stood right there waiting & eventually win your Mr. Right’s heart, please stand up! 😛