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7 Apr


NOT three gifts received at one occasion. They were presents for a birthday & two Valentine’s Days or vice versa. 🙂

Just think it would be fun to see them placed together in a box where my wedding bands were when purchased. 🙂


A paragraph of The VERY FIRST POEM I ever received~

poem eidted



A Card found in My Mail Box Last Night

5 Apr




Believe in Yourself :)

12 May


That is n’t an inspiring article or whatsoever, not even close to that. 😛 But something crucial/beneficial for a life time is implied: general happiness about yourself. 🙂 In other words, you need to be confident in yourself, feel good about yourself and think you deserve it to feel happy in general, which is very important to lead a positive rather than pessimistic life. Surely every one feels down from time to time but the point is how soon you bounce back & stop questioning yourself or doubting unnecessarily.


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Lamborghini’s New SUV Looks

22 Apr

I am not car savvy or  interested in cars. I actually know so little about them but this new version of Lamborghini’s SUV to be launched looks so gorgeous, doesn’t it? 🙂


(source of the picture:


The Boy Who…

28 Dec

As a Harry Potter fan, either a real fan or a sort-of fan, you must have noticed the boy who grew up with the movie — a 10-year-old cute boy turns a 20-year-old hottie, depending on your definition of what a hottie is. XD~



I so much prefer the cute boy Harry though.


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