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Rivera on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show!

9 May

Fun Stuff. As Jon Steward is a diehard Mets’ fan, you can imagine he would certainly joke about it.



The Past Week + A Hilarious Video of Robinson Cano! XD

2 May

It’s been a week! I’ve been BUSY with a bulk (100,000+ words) medical editing project. Besides very little (2 or 3 hours) sleep per day, I was literally working. =’= I even had meals while working though I had live Yankees games on while processing the editing files, too. Ha. Anyway, here is a hilarious video, more like a Laugh Out Loud trick, about Robinson Cano on Jimmy Fallon Show. Enjoy! XD



Must-See Triple Plays!

20 Apr


If you just want to see the Yankees’, slide the time to the following:

1:52 ~ 2:15 (Yankees’ Triple Play in April, 2014 initiated by Solarte)
4:11 ~ 4:25 (Yankees v.s Okland, initiated by A-rod)
5:35 ~ to the end (the UNFORGETABLE one. NOT the “TRADITIONAL” 6-4-3 triple play)

All of the Yankees’ triple plays happened when C.C was on the mound! Coincidence, huh?


David Letterman – NY Yankees Jeter, Pettitte & Posada

18 Apr

It’s an old video in 2009 when Yankees won the World Series championship! Andy Pettitte, Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada were invited to David Letterman’s Late Show. I’ve seen this video a lot of times and came across it on a Yankees beat writer blog today. So, why not post it here & enjoy the video again? XD~



Jeter is quick-witted, isn’t it?


Aerosmith Kick Off Tour With Slash

12 Apr

If they come to Hong Kong, I’ll definitely go!! Wahaha~