About Restaurants/Diners I’ve been to Recently

19 Apr

Two are in Tsim Sha Shui and the other two are in Yuenlong:


#1. The Chinese/Taiwanese restaurant on the 4th in the shopping mall The One:

→ Food recommended: steamed buns, pan-fried dumplings, glutinous rice cakes, fried pork chops, spicy steamed dumplings.

→ If you are a Taiwanese soupy noodles lover fond of the well-renowned beef noodles, wanton noodles or sour & spicy noodles, I guess you’d like this place.

→ pan-fried dishes: It was a pity that I couldn’t get to try any. They were mostly sold out by the time I got there =.=a…I would very much like to try their San Bei (Three Cups, sesame oil is one of the 3 sauces) Chicken or Spicy Chicken Dices (Kung Bao Chicken) and sweet sour pork.


#2. The Chinese restaurant on the MTR level of K11 Art Mall:

‧Menus here are similar to those in the Chinese restaurant in The One. I particularly liked shrimp steamed dumplings, stir-fried beef (very tender!) with green onions and ginger, eel fish slices with teriyaki sauce and spicy pan-fried chicken dices.


#3. The Turkish diner in a small alley of Yuenlong:

→ This little dinner in a small alley of Yuenlong is definitely a hidden pearl!!! When I found it on Google search, I was so surprised that in a quite suburb town Yuenlong, there is a Turkish restaurant located in a small alley intersecting with the main road! There are English menus & English speaking waitresses available so even you don’t speak Cantonese, it’ll be totally fine~ XD’

→ The diner is a tiny place. I guess (less than) 20 customers will make the little place full~ ^^!

→ Dishes recommended: Turkish doner, Turkish fried chicken (different from western fried chicken), Arabic samosa and stir-fried rice (what Tony Stark had when he got captivated in Afghanistan but I can’t remember its name…=.=a)

→ Desserts exist only on the menus but are never available! XD According to the English-speaking waitress, they’ve never had desserts available so I can’t help but wonder why on earth they even bother to list those yummy-looking desserts on the menu? =.=a


#4. The Chinese diner on the main road (Castle Peak Rd) of Yuenlong:

→ A little family diner opens 24/7 on Castle Peak Rd, Yuenlong.

→ I love steamed fish there!!! There are 5 choices and all are cheap and cheerful!!! I also like their dim sum, including spring rolls and steamed shrimp buns.



David Letterman – NY Yankees Jeter, Pettitte & Posada

18 Apr

It’s an old video in 2009 when Yankees won the World Series championship! Andy Pettitte, Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada were invited to David Letterman’s Late Show. I’ve seen this video a lot of times and came across it on a Yankees beat writer blog today. So, why not post it here & enjoy the video again? XD~



Jeter is quick-witted, isn’t it?


About Massage Places I’ve been to in Hong Kong So Far

17 Apr

I’ve enjoyed massage SO MUCH. Not only does it feel relaxing but as a computer-based freelancer, it can no doubt relieve my occupational “hazard”: shoulder stiffness or even soreness. However, I haven’t been to any in Hong Kong until last month since I “officially” lived in Hong Kong. NOT that I didn’t want to but I couldn’t find any (Google massage parlors/salons in Hong Kong and you’ll find out why~ Orz’). Luckily, my significant other found one on Cameron Rd in Tsim Sha Shui last month and that set off our massage “journey” in Hong Kong! XD~ The two we’ve been to so far, one as said above in TST and the other in our local area Yuenlong, both have their pros and cons but weighing up benefits and drawbacks, we prefer the one in Yuenlong. Here are more details of the two massage houses::


Massage House in TST:

Price: reasonable (about 50 dollars more expensive than the one in Yuenlong)

Membership Discounts: Yes, they offer different packages but I didn’t pay attention to any of them. =.=a

Space: Lager than the one in Yuenlong

Comfortableness of the reclining sofas: very comfortable

Friendliness of the staff: friendly but business-like

Location: Very convenient to both HK locals and tourists.

Masseur(s) recommended: Yes, there is one there I would highly recommend!


Massage House in Yuenlong:

Price: reasonable (slightly cheaper than the one in TST)

Membership Discount: Yes, about 15% off if you pay a HKD$3000 deposit.

Space: smaller than the one in TST

Comfortableness of the reclining sofas: above average

Friendliness of the staff: VERY friendly and attending to customers’ need by frequently asking if the massage caters to their need.

Location: Convenient to only locals in Yuenlong

Masseur recommended: I haven’t really found one yet but those two serving us last Saturday were both good enough.


Kaley Cuoco Revealed Johnny Galecki was Her Ex!!

16 Apr

It is Kaley Cuoco that was dating Johnny Galecki, NOT Penny dating Leonard!!!


One person who got to share the love was Cuoco’s ex-boyfriend and “Big Bang Theory” co-star Johnny Galecki, whom she secretly dated for two years. “It took a minute, a bit of awkwardness,” she admitted. “By the grace of God, we became best buddies and moved on in such an elegant way. [He’s] one of my closest friends. He was in the front row at my wedding, with a huge smile on his face.”


Very gossipy I know ^^! but as a huge fan of this series for 7 seasons so far, it is indeed a big surprise. Ha.


Sports Illustrated on Tanaka

15 Apr

Sports Illustrated had a very insightful profile on Tanaka:


Because Americans discourage splitters, Tanaka has a distinct advantage over major league hitters: They are not trained to hit it. They don’t see it regularly. Against the six pitchers who threw it the most last year, for instance, major league hitters batted no better than .201 against the pitch. (Kuroda and the Mariners’ Hisashi Iwakuma threw it most often.)

As much attention as Tanaka’s splitter gets, his slider, which he throws more often, is underrated. Yankees scout Brandon Duckworth (Tanaka’s teammate last year with the Eagles) needed to watch him throw only one live batting practice session this spring to see that Tanaka’s slider had even more bite than he remembered. “Best I’ve seen it,” says Duckworth. The slicker surface of the major league ball creates later and sharper tilt on the pitch.

If you get a good grip of the ball, the slider is more crisp than in Japan … a better slider,” adds Tanaka. “The problem could be that sometimes the balls can slip.” Says Darvish, who has held major league hitters to a .160 average on his slider, “I totally agree.”

Very few pitchers throw a slider where the dot disappears,” says Yankees special assistant Trey Hillman. “A hitter looks for that dot on the baseball as it spins to identify the slider. But only a few pitchers spin the slider so fast that you can’t see the dot. I’ve only had two of them: Darvish and Zack Greinke. Now I’d put Tanaka’s slider with them. It’s that good.

If there is vulnerability in Tanaka’s repertoire, it is in his fastball, even though he has good velocity and commands it well on both sides of the plate. Unlike most American pitchers, who stay tall through their deliveries to generate a downward plane and movement on their fastballs, Tanaka is a drop-and-drive pitcher, a technique that generates power through the legs but results in a lower release point, which limits the downward plane of his fastball.

“He’s definitely not Darvish,” says one talent evaluator for a team that bid on Tanaka. “We see him as a No. 2. He’s not a No. 1. His fastball is pretty flat. There’s a good chance in Yankee Stadium he’s going to give up a lot of homers to lefties. But he’s got a legit split, he commands really well, and he’s a competitor.”


Just like RAB had it, one of the two reasons Tanaka might not be so successful this season is that Tanaka likes to pitch up in the zone. Pitching up in the zone is not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself — it’s a great way to get swings and misses — but in the Bronx more fly balls mean more homers. Also, RAB reckoned that Tanaka has two above-average offspeed pitches. We all know about the splitter …but he also throws a very good slider. It’s not as good as the splitter, but it’s not a show-me pitch either. Tanaka isn’t some two-pitch pitcher. Far from it.


運動畫刊 (Sports Illustrated) 精闢側寫田中 (Tanaka)
因為美國不鼓勵指叉球,這對田中面對大聯盟打者而言是個優勢,因為他們沒訓練過打指叉球,也不常見到此球種。去年投最多指叉球的六個投手,面對大聯盟打者的對戰打擊率是0.201 (黑田和水手的Iwakuma最常投指叉球)。


洋基特別助理Trey Hillman說:「很少投手投滑球時球上面的“點”會消失,當球旋轉時,打者找球上面的點來判別滑球,但只有一些投手可以把球快速旋轉到看不見那個點,我只看過兩位投手可以做到那樣:達比修和Zack Greinke,現在我把Tanaka也算進來。他滑球就是投得那麼好」。




譯者感想:如同River Avenue Blues (RAB)講的,Tanaka這一季可能表現不會很好的原因之一是Tanaka喜歡投高球進好球帶。投高球進好球帶本身不是壞事,很容易讓打者揮空,但在洋基球場,越多高飛球表示越多全壘打。另外RAB也認為田中有兩種平均水準之上的變化球,其中之一是大家都知道的指叉球,但他滑球也投得很好,雖然沒有指叉球來得好,但他的滑球不是投投看而已,完全不是那樣。